An Introduction

Damn WordPress, can’t figure out how to put my profile in the sidebar as a widget…

Anyway, I’m Michael. Call me Mike. I’m just another fun-loving guy living on Florida’s southern coast, in a pleasant little beach-side town called, creatively enough, Pleasant Beach. Hey, I didn’t name it, I just live here. We’re somewhere in the southwest of Florida, and we have maybe about 250 people living here. Not exactly Miami, but a nice place to live anyway, with just as spectacular beaches. I moved here all the way from Pensacola after growing up there, mostly to be a lot closer to my girlfriend, Mami, who lives about 100 miles out of Fort Myers. As for me, I just like the waves, and the wildlife.

Another thing we get around here in Pleasant Beach – sharks. No, not like your Great Whites or Tiger Sharks usually, mostly Blacktip, Bonnethead, and Nurse Sharks. Nothing huge. Sometimes you see the occasional Sharpnose or Hammerhead, but not quite as often this way. Normally you have to go out deeper for the bigger ones, but some of them will come in closer to shore if they’re juveniles. So yeah, you know how some people whale-watch, or dolphin-watch? I shark-watch, and that’s why I started up this blog – to share some of my sightings and some shark-related stuff with other shark-watchers. See, sharks are actually my favorite animal; always thought they were powerful, fascinating creatures. In fact a lot of my friends tease me, calling me “Sharkfin Mikey” because of my hobby. Figure it’s a good enough name as any, and besides, I kinda like it.

See ya off the coast,

Sharkfin Mikey


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